Limited Edition: Agate Charms

Each one different yet all with supernatural Agate stones and metal gold/silver charms, hanging from a chain or suede leather.
In 2 colours, Sunset Agate & Dark blue Agate.

Limited Edition by Katerina Filippou.


#1 TREND (fall 2011) : Animal Prints

Relish: Animal Print Collection

Come see the whole collection of RELISH animal prints exclusively at Dress Affair
and bring out the WILD side of you.


What is the meaning of 'UGG'?

For nearly a century Australians have been calling their sheepskin boots 'uggs' or 'ugg boots'.

Australians always enjoyed the comfort, natural health benefits and pleasure of wearing the genuine sheepskin boots. With time the sheepskin boots, or 'ugg boots' as they are generally called in Australia, had become a truly Australian icon. In 1960's the iconic Australian sheepskin boots become very popular among young Australian surfing scene.

In 1978, Brian Smith, a young surfer from Australia, travelled to the USA with a few pairs of uggs in his backpack.

He set up a company, Ugg Holdings Inc, which was importing sheepskin boots to the United States. In 1995 the USA company - Deckers Outdoor Corporation had acquired Ugg Holdings Inc, and established the USA owned and based brand of boots - 'UGG Australia'.
In Australia 'ugg boots' is not a brand name, but rather the name of a style of sheepskin footwear that had originated in Australia about 100 years ago. Its similar to the word trainer or sandle!

There is no question of where 'ugg' footwear style came from, even the USA based and owned company Deckers Outdoor Corporation who mass-produce their ugg boots in China under 'UGG Australia' brand use the name of Australia - in the name of their USA brand, because Australia is the country of origin of 'ugg boots'.

'Ozitude Boots' are luxurious, genuine Australian Made, individually hand-crafted in Australia sheepskin boots and should not be confused with boots that are mass-produced in China.

Unlike many other retailers, we do not sell sheepskin boots that are made in China. We sell genuine Australian made sheepskin boots, manufactured in Australia from the finest Australian sheepskin – best in the world. If you want to get the real Australian sheepskin boots you've come to the right place!

Australian Ugg Boots Pty Ltd, our supplier of Ozitude Boots are proud members of the Australian Sheepskin Association. All our products carry tags and stitching indicating Australia as country of manufacture.



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