Get Inspired.......

Colourful neck 'spikes' by Katerina Filippou 22 euros

Bainas wishes 3.50 euros

Dress Affair Ballerinas 37 euros
Ethnic skirt 48 euros 

Get Inspired........This Summer is all about vibrant -vs- pastel colours, mixing up of prints, girly hairstyles, a lot of accessories, and fresh and fun combos!! 

There is something for everyone......pick your favourite style and go crazy with it.....this fashion season "allows" you to.

Spring = Time for colourful fingertips!!

These finger tips are soooo stylish, and seem like stick-ons, but they are also soo easy to do, follow this DIY example and start your Spring with fingertips that STAND OUT!!

Extra Tip: Make your own colour combo!!


Supporting Greece

With Eurovision coming up and all.....we thought that we too should show our support and Patriotism for Greece, and for Eleutheria Eleutheriou who is singing 'Afrodisiac' for the competition.

Her Stylist Alexandra Katsaitis, suggested wearing the classic tourist-y t-shirt as a statement piece for her video clip!!

We loved Alexandras idea.....and brought these t-shirts to Dress Affair..... adding a touch of Dress Affair to them all (crystals)

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Time to 'pop on' some colour....

Spring is here.......when you see colour and you have to have it....!!!
These spring scarves are soooooo full of colour you won't be able to resist...


Backstage - Photoshooting the NEW collection for the online store

                                                                The Dress Affair team
as Photographer : Iraklis
                                                                 and as Stylist : Katerina

Photo shooting, Styling, Editing the New Spring collection for the online store.

Take a look www.dressaffair.gr


Welcome Spring 2012

This year Spring is going to be soooo colourful, we can't wait to show you the full collection. www.dressaffair.com