{Warm Hands = Stylish hands}

Keep your hands warm.....and always looking stylish with these knit, finger free gloves, and when your indoors don't take them off just pull them up and make them look like they are part of your sleeves... stylish and warm...!!!
Exclusively at Dress Affair by Katerina Filippou


{Deste tous} wears Dress Affair

Katerina Filippou - Heart Earrings

Embroideries Gallery - Lace Dress

Every afternoon 4-7pm, See the girls of Deste Tous in Dress Affair clothing and accessories, selected by the stylist of Deste Tous, Iwanna Salamoura.

Dress Affair start early:

Accessories - Αξεσουαρ - 30%
Shoes - Παπουτσια - 40% - 50%
Clothes - Ρουχα...εως - 60%

11/1 to 28/2